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Landscape Awards- 2018   


This year's landscape awards for residential and business properties contribute to the overall improvement of the urban environment in Bath. Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure providing environmental sustainability, good health, and economic benefits to cities across the country.   


The BCFC awarded its residential landscape award to Marie and Stephen Perry of 118 North Bath Road (two upper right photos) for their remarkable residence which was the former Fair  Haven Inn. The property showcases pink and white Crabapple trees, Cherry trees, a  magnificent Silver maple, and a variety of perennials including pink phlox, coral day lilies,         
hydrangea, iris, “Sea Green” hosta, and peonies. A lovely butterfly garden sits to the right of the front lawn. The hillside behind the house received a haircut and cleanup from seven goats (Scapegoats of Kennebunk) who spent a week munching on poison ivy and weeds after the  Perry’s purchased the property in 2013.  


The business landscape award went to Wayne Robbins Woodcarving Studio at 1302 High Street (bottom right photo). Mr. Robbins is a  renowned artist famous for his wood carvings of whales, other sea creatures and birds. The Robbins’ property is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Trees include pine, Sugar maple, Balsam fir, birch , hemlock, flowering crabapple, apple, gray birch, white birch, red and white oaks, Alberta spruce, and American elm.  

Thank you to both owners for their generosity in letting the BCFC showcase their properties!




Past Recipients

2018 - Marie & Stephen Perry (118 N. Bath Rd.)
2017 - Vicki & Paul Skydell (251 High St.)
2016 - Martha Moore (5 Rose St.)
2015 - Catherine Skove (51 High St.)
2014 - Carolyn Lockwood (773 High St.)
2013 - Lee & Mary Derosa (65 Green St.)
2012 - Ms. Harriet Smith (905 Middle St.)
2011 - Ms. Milena Banks (40 Whiskeag Rd.)
2010 - Mr. John Conover (1121 Washington St.)
2009 - Mrs. James P. Sutherland (34 Varney Mill Rd.)
2008 - Forest & Myra Staples (25 Park St.)
2007 - Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Shannon (894 High St.)
2006 - Mr. & Mrs. Peter Flynn (898 Middle St.)
2005 - Mr. & Mrs. Donald Friend (35 Webber Ave.)
2004 - Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anglim (27 Lemont St. )
2018 - Wayne Robbins Woodcarving (1302 High St.)
2017 - Mid Coast Medical Group (Centre St.)
2016 - The Hyde School (616 High St.)
2015 - United Methodist Church (340 Oak Grove Ave)
2014 - Burger King (75 Leeman Highway)
2013 - Sedgwick Prof. Bldg. (765 High St.)
2012 - Hampton Inn (Commercial St.)
2011 - Galen C. Moses House (1009 Washington St.)
2010 - Maine Maritime Museum (243 Washington St.)
2009 - Hill House Assisted Living (166 Whiskeag Rd.)
2008 - Texture Hair Design (190 Lincoln St.)
2007 - M.W. Sewall (259 Front St.)
2006 - Five County Credit Union (765 Washington St.)
2005 - Plant Home (1 Washington St.)
2004 - Inn at Bath (969 Washington St.)
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