Come Join Us!

Come enjoy brunch and a presentation by renowned speaker Tom Wessels.
A woods walk with Mr. Wessels will follow his presentation on...
"Co-evolution:  A Model for Sustainability"

  This presentation will delve into the scientific principles of self-organization and co-evolution.  Specifically, we will examine how self-organization works to create systems that are energy efficient, stable and resilient.  We will then examine how this process happens in nature through evolutionary time via co-evolution.  
  This creates biologically diverse ecosystems with robust networks of mutually beneficial relationships.  After gaining a theoretical foundation we will head into the field and examine numerous examples of  co-evolved, mutually beneficial interrelationships.  We will also discuss human systems from the perspective of co-evolution to see ways we can create a far more sustainable future.
May 17th at Maine Maritime Museum:
12:00-1:00   Brunch
1:oo-2:15      Presentation
3:45-4:45      Woods Walk  at Butler Head Preserve
Tickets $25/attendee and $15 for students.  Tickets may be purchased through Terry at the Bath Cemetery Office.  207-443-8345 


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