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The Bath Community Forestry Committee is the non-profit arm of the City of Bath's Forestry Division dedicated to the protection, expansion, and preservation of the forestry resources and green-spaces found within the City of Bath.

All meetings are held at 4 Sheridan Rd., 2nd floor, at 6:00 p.m. on the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise designated.
*Meetings are currently being held remotely via ZOOM.   Please contact us by email for more info and if you would like to attend a meeting.


Say Goodbye, Invasives!


     Saturday, September 21, 2019


     Warm weather, a concerted effort and a terrific group of volunteers came together at Butler Head to strengthen the forest of the 145 acre preserve.  A groups of  11 volunteers working with BCFC committee members celebrated Bowdoin College's Common Good Day by 'weeding' the woods around Butler Head, removing invasive plants such as Honeysuckle, Barberry, and bittersweet.  But why the effort?
"What problems do invasive plants cause?

Invasive plants outcompete native species and agricultural crops, causing billions of dollars of damage each year. They affect forests, wetlands, lakes, streams, croplands, and pastures, and degrade many of our sensitive natural habitats. They grow rapidly, multiply, and spread to unmanageable levels in short periods of time.
Invasive species are the second greatest threat to global biodiversity, after the loss of habitat. Invading plants outcompete native species for sunlight, nutrients, and space. They change animal habitat by eliminating native foods, altering cover, and destroying nesting opportunities. Some invaders are so aggressive that they leave no room for our natives.
Invasive plants threaten Maine’s natural and working landscapes. Their aggressive growth degrades our recreational experiences. Species like Japanese barberry and multiflora rose can form thorny, impenetrable thickets in forests. Other invasive plants choke waterways, limiting their use. Invaders increase the costs of agriculture and affect forest regeneration. And, these species mar the natural beauty of our regionally distinctive landscape."
Developed by the Maine Natural Areas Program for use by University of Maine Cooperative Extension
For more information about the BCFC, call Terry Hanna at 443-8345 or email her  at thanna@cityofbath.com. 


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