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Welcome to BCFC

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The Bath Community Forestry Committee is the non-profit arm of the City of Bath's Forestry Division dedicated to the protection, expansion, and preservation of the forestry resources and green-spaces found within the City of Bath.


 The BCFC is on summer break and will resume monthly meetings beginning in September of 2021.

All meetings are held at 4 Sheridan Rd., 2nd floor, at 6:00 p.m. on the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise designated.



As We Begin 2021...

Welcome to the BCFC website.  For all of us as a committee the past year brought about many changes.  In person meetings have been set aside for ZOOM meetings.  Volunteer work days have required an awareness of social distance and in many instances the wearing of a face covering to respect the health and wellness of those we are working with hand in hand.  

The impacts in our day to day lives and the lives of our fellow citizens is one we have now begun to better understand and work with.  ZOOM meetings have become old hat as has wearing a mask to buy groceries or to meet in the field.  The BCFC has continued to work and plan for the future throughout this pandemic.

We have seen an uptick in peoples' interest in outdoor activities.  Butler Head has seen an increase in use this past Fall and into the mild winter months.  With help from Steve Balboni and the Parks and Recreation department we are able to introduce groomed cross country skiing to the preserve.  A large loop begins at the main Kiosk and meanders around the field and through the woods offering terrain for all levels.


Looking ahead into 2021 the BCFC has 'many irons in the fire'.   Currently members are working on equipping a backpack for families to check out from the Library.  The backpack is filled with a tree ID guide, other reference materials, compass, pens/pencils, magnifying glass, binoculars and other tools to help make exploring the outdoors fun for all ages.  

Research is underway on the ability of the BCFC to introduce an ADA designed trail to Butler Head.   It is an ongoing goal of the BCFC to increase access for those interested in exploring the wonder of the forest while taking in scenic views of Merrymeeting Bay.   The ADA trail requires a great deal of planning.  We will provide updates as they become available.

Stewardship of the urban forest of Bath remains a top priority for BCFC.  Now more than ever people are walking, biking, or otherwise spending time outdoors within the City.  Our parks and sidewalk trees play a huge role in providing shade and oxygen.  Our air is cleaned and filtered by our urban forest trees .  As the trees grow they deflect storm water from City utilities and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. 

Looking into the future isn't just for fortune tellers with their crystal balls.  Protection, expansion, and preservation of the urban forest requires looking into the future by its stewards as well.  Unlike wondering what visions a crystal ball may yield, planning for the effects of climate change, land use changes, and pest outbreaks, such as, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) all require setting goals and outlining/working toward those goals in a consistent manner.   

The BCFC is working behind the scenes to expand  and preserve Bath's urban forest for all those living in or visiting the 'City of Ships'!   We are always exploring new partnerships with other interested groups in the City and in the greater area around Merrymeeting Bay.  Donations of a monetary nature,  one's time, or one's talent are always welcome. 

For more information about the BCFC, call Terry Hanna at 443-8345 or email her  at
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