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Druid Park


    The revival of Druid Park at Five Corners in Bath began in 2001, at a time when the Patten Free Library was awarded a grant from the New Century Community Program.


     The Committee is the overseer of the property and maintains the site with the exception of mowing and providing mulch, which is done by the City of Bath’s Cemetery Department and Public Works’ crews. 


    Dedicated volunteers, under the supervision of Connie McChesney,  have nurtured the plantings over the years and kept the City Arborist apprised of any problems or concerns with the trees and gardens. The majority of the maintenance includes:

•   weeding and mulching;

•   watering;

•   planting annuals;

•   replacing dead or damaged trees.


    Earth berms and flower beds planted with perennials, annuals, roses and low-growing yews have replaced the boulders and hedges at Druid Park, but the gardens still stand at the entrance to Oak Grove Druid Park Avenue and Maple Grove Cemetery, welcoming visitors to the City of Ships, a place rich in history, beauty, pride in its past and hope for its future.


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